Texas Pete Hot Sauce Sued for Not Being Made In Texas

From the “Only in California” file comes a story saying a California man is suing a Texas food processing company because he said the name of their product is false and misleading.

It’s a lawsuit that could only have been filed in California because some people say this is the only state where a person can be sued by any one at any time for anything. In this case, Phillip White says the food product, Texas Pete Hot Sauce, isn’t actually made in Texas which leads him to believe he’s being lied to through false advertising. 

White says the sauce is actually made in North Carolina, and that the T.W. Garner Food Company has cheated its way into a market leading position by , in his words, ripping off customers who want authentic Texas hot sauce. He also said the brand name hurts businesses that actually are from the Lone Star State.

So far the T.W. Garner Food Company has not issued an answer to the claim. They have until November 10th to file a response to the suit.

– Tony Lee