Self driving cars appear to be distracting people who are not yet accustomed to seeing them zooming down the freeway, especially if the driver has fallen asleep.

That’s what authorities think may be behind a video that has gone viral in which a woman said she followed, and filmed a Tesla for 15 minutes on a California freeway as the driver in that Tesla was visibly asleep, oblivious to anything on the road.

According to most state laws, the drivers of self-driving cars are expected to remain vigilant in case they need to intervene as the technology is perfected. According to the “Healthy Journal”, if a driver is spotted on the road being inattentive, they can be ticketed and fined.

Neither the woman sleeping nor the woman filming have been identified, and although the filmer sais she notified authorities, there is no information available to indicate whether or not police responded, or if the sleeping driver made it safely to her destination.

-Tony Lee