Tehachapi Police Department Seeks Volunteers

The Tehachapi Police Department needs the community’s involvement in its Volunteers in
Police Services (VIPS) program. The primary purpose of the VIPS program is to provide the
police department with an extra set of “eyes and ears” by performing non-confrontational
Volunteers in Police Services duties include volunteer tasks in administration, training, public
events, public relations, public awareness and overall assisting Tehachapi Police Department
Joining the VIPS program would allow you to “come and do great events like the Downtown
Farmers Market, the Veteran’s Day Parade, and Fourth of July events,” said Chief Richard
Standridge. “We need citizens to help fingerprint local folks trying to get jobs, we also need
help with filing big runs to the DA’s office. Basically, we want our citizens involved in every
aspect of our police department.”
To learn more and to sign up as a volunteer, contact Rae Budge at (661) 822-2222.