Many people have made fun of police officers at one time or another. Perhaps they made a bad call on a situation they were called out to, of maybe someone just thought it would be fun to parody a cop. But either way, the U.S. Supreme Court had finally gotten into the act through a case it heard earlier this week.

The case was brought by an Ohio man who was arrested for making a Facebook account  that parodied the Parma Police Department. The parody advertises a fake police program through which a convicted sex offender can become a police officer. It also fictitiously claims police strongly encourage minorities not to apply to the department.

Anthony Novak is the man who allegedly made the web page, according to Topic Pulse News Service, and that Novak was charged under a state law that disrupts police operations. But according to a previous Supreme Court Ruling, Novak was not allowed to file a civil suit against the police department so his attorneys took the case to the Supreme Court for a second look.

The ruling came back saying no, it is now ok to make fun of the police.

-Tony Lee