School Employee Steals $1.5 Worth Of Chicken Wings

Go big, or go home”! Is the expression that comes to mind when thinking about the story of a Chicago woman who is in jail for stealing one and a half million dollars worth of chicken wings from the school district where she worked.

Sixty-six year old Vera Liddell is accused of ordering more than 11,000 cases of chicken wings from the company that supplied the Harvey School District, and picking up the cases in a school district van. But officials say the wings never made it to the school district cafeteria because the woman kept them for herself.

Liddell’s scam was discovered during a mid-year audit that revealed the district was already $300,000 over budget. They also noted that multiple orders for chicken wings had been placed with their vendor for chicken wings, which were tied to invoices that were all signed by Liddell.

Authorities say the wings would never be served to the students in the district, primarily because they contain bones. T is unclear what the district believes Liddell did with the food.

-Tony Lee