Scammers Now Using A.I. To Fleece Victims

Scammers are using artificial intelligence to carry the ‘family emergency’ ruse to another level.

Investigators say a number of people have been fooled into thinking they are listening to the voice of their actual loved one claiming to need money for an emergency. Actually, they say it is a voice constructed with artificial intelligence using just a small snippet of the so-called victim’s real voice.

It’s the latest twist to the older scam where someone claims to have your loved one in captivity and will only release them if you send money or gift cards immediately.

Authorities say if you receive such a call, check the phone number. It may not be the number of your loved one. Also contact the person you think is in danger. They may answer your call and be completely safe and unaware of the scam call. Also, you can check with other family members to see if they are aware of anything related to the call.

Known scams can be reported at

-Tony Lee