iRenting a car could mean driving a dangerous vehicle that has been recalled and is in need of repair.

WHen an automaker issues a recall, the notice is sent to the owner of the vehicle on record. But it you rented a car, that iisn;t you. So you have to depend on the owner, or the rental company, to follow the recommendations of the recall notice and have the repairs made at an authorized facility.

A U.S. Probes report discovered Hertz rental cars were not sent in for re-fitting and repair when a recall was issued, nor did they inform the renter of the car that a recall had been issued, what the recall was for, and what could happen to the vehicle, o rto you, if the repair is not done.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says Hertz rented out Ford and Nissan vehicles made between 2018 and 2020 had not been repaired after multiple recalls. 

-Tony Lee