Receiving Gifts Can Be Embarrassing

Some traditions are fun and people look forward to them but others can be difficult to go through, and people secretly want them to go away. Like the tradition of having a birthday party or a bridal shower… even a Christmas party where you are expected to open the gifts at the party in front of everyone. If the present does not inspire the ook and ahh’s expected, the recipient often feels pressured to fake emotions, adding pressure to the event.

A recent survey on the website ‘Zola” shows very few people actually enjoy such an event and would rather take the presents home and open them in private.But the good news is, this ritual may finally be on its way out. Many hosts are saying they would prefer the “casual” and “coed” version of the gathering and enjoy the time together instead. Sending a ‘thank you’ card or text to the giver is a much more comfortable way of expressing your thanks and appreciation for the gift.

This is especially true for the shy person who is not given to public displays of emotion, and may fear finding the gift humorous when the giver expected it to be more serious. Opening gifts in public also shifts the attention away from the person being celebrated to the items being given.

-Tony Lee