The former warden of a federal prison is about to see what life is like on the OTHER side of the bars.Ray Garcia has been found guilty of sexual abuse of inmates when he was the warden in a Federal prison for women.Garcia could spend up to 15 years behind bars when sentenced.

55 year old Garcia was found guilty on eight counts as one of five prison employees accused of molestation and forcing inmates to pose naked in their cells while he was in charge of the prison in Dublin, California.

Usually, when state prison officials or police officers are sentenced to prison they are sent to a federal facility for their own safety to serve their time but since Garcia was the chief officer at a Federal Prison, it is uncertain where he could spend his time behind bars.

Officials found images of three naked inmates on Garcia’s government issued cell phone when he turned it in after retiring last year. The images are believed to have been taken between December 2019 and July of 2021

-Tony Lee