Eight police officers in Akron, Ohio, remain free after an Ohio Grand Jury refused to indict them in the shooting death of a 25 year old black man.

Police were involved in a car chase and then a foot pursuit with Walker after a failed traffic stop. Reports indicate Walker is believed to have fired shots at the officers from his vehicle during the chase, which ended with Walker being caught and shot numerous times. No gun was found at the scene.

Police statements say officers saw Walker in his vehicle with a broken tail light and a broken light over his car’s license plate, but they did nothing until they say Walker drove through the same area 10 minutes later, and the officers initiated a traffic stop for equipment violations. Forty seconds later police say Walker opened fire on them from his moving vehicle.

After a chase on freeways and city streets, Walker allegedly jumped out of the still moving car and ran with police still in pursuit. Police say they fired because they believed he still had a weapon in his possession but a search after the shooting failed to turn one up.

Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost said Walker reached for his waistband as officers closed in and fired.

 -Tony Lee