November is National Adoption Awareness Month in Kern County.

Kern County’s 20th Annual National Adoption Day celebration will be held, Friday November 18th 2022 at the Juvenile Justice Center, 2100 College Avenue.  There will be 58 adoption finalizations occurring on National Adoption Day, at both Superior Court, Juvenile Division, and privately at Superior Court’s Family Law Division.

Once the adoption finalization is completed inside the courtroom, the families are invited to celebrate outside the courtroom on the lawn of the Juvenile Justice Center. The day includes a BBQ meal prepared by Kern County Probation partners. Families will be treated to La Rosa popsicles, interactive games, as well as a family photo. Children can enjoy a picture with their favorite super hero, and create their own unique stuffed animal.

Agencies which promote and facilitate local adoptions include Kern County Superior Courts, Koinonia Foster Agency, Aspiranet Foster Agency, Kern Bridges Foster Agency, Bakersfield Angels, the CARE Foundation.  Staff of the organizations work diligently to complete the rigorous process of adoption.  Resource Foster Parents make it possible for children to have a forever family.

Posted by Jeff Lemucchi