New Report Ties Covid 19 Origin To China Lab

Three years after the worst pandemic in modern history struck, scientists are still trying to figure out where Covid 19 came from.

The U.S. Energy Department says most likely, it came from a leak in a laboratory in China.

This was almost a pre-gone conclusion by many people who remember the chaos in Wuhan China when the pandemic began spreading across that country, and eventually around the world taking 3 million 300 thousand lives according to the World Health Organization, more than a million of which were here in the United States.

China, or course, says the Scientists should stop hyping up the Lab Leak theory and politicizing the issue. The updated report comes with a low level of confidence and says the studies will continue. 

The FBI places moderate confidence that the report is accurate. Other theories are that COvid 19 originated in an unidentified animal that transmitted to virus to humans,

-Tony Lee