It’s like deja vu all over again, as the expression goes. Three years ago the world watched as the Covid epidemic began in China and spread throughout that country first, before spreading throughout the entire world and ultimately taking millions of lives.

Now, we are seeing the disease spread throughout China again, and many are wondering how far outside that country this new rapid increase in the number of people infected will get? The difference is this time, we are better prepared with medicines, medical techniques and personal protection items citizens can use to avoid infection.

China has once again begun issuing passports for their citizens to leave the country and some are concerned that people with the illness may spread it to other nations by traveling after being infected but before they are aware that they carry the virus responsible for Covid.

The Centers for Disease Control issued a statement saying as of January 5th, the United States is requiring guests arriving from The People’s Republic of China to present a negative Covid test before they will be allowed to enter this country. 

-Tony Lee