You’ve seen it on the big screen in theaters, but now, you may get to see it in real life. All of that happened last night at 7:14 eastern time but videos taken from cameras on board the spacecraft and beamed back to Earth, show what happened. Those images are already circulating, distributed by NASA, for you to see.

Scientists steered a spacecraft that left Earth 10 months ago into the asteroid after it traveled nearly 7 million miles from Earth at 14,000 miles an hour to reach a tiny moon orbiting the asteroid Dimorphos, to either slow it down or deflect it off course. 

The targeted asteroid was not on a path to hit the Earth, but the experiment was intended so tell scientists if such a plan could possible save the earth from complete destruction if an asteroid was indeed on a trajectory to hit our home planet. 

If a large enough asteroid were to hit the earth, it could destroy the planet and all life.

– Tony Lee