More People Try Boarding Planes With Guns

We have all witnessed an escalation of aggression among travelers. Especially on airlines. But it still comes as a surprise how many guns were confiscated from airline travelers just last year alone.

The Transportation Security Administration recently released records showing 6,542 guns, an average of about 18 per day, were taken from passengers in 2022.

Most of the people caught with weapons say they simply forgot the had packed a pistol in their luggage or on their person, but that excuse was not good enough to allow them to escape the fine for doing so.

The TSA says that number of confiscated weapons sets a new record high. It’s nearly a 10% increase over the 5,972 firearms seized in 2021, which was a record number then. And what’s worse, 88% of the guns were loaded and ready to use.

Atlanta Georgia had the most gun seizures with 448, followed by Dallas Fort Worth with 385. Tampa Florida had the fewest guns found on passengers with only 134.

The fines for being caught trying to illegally transport or carry a firearm either loaded or with accessible ammunition on an aircraft starts at $3,000, and can go as high as $14,950 plus possible criminal charges and jail time.

-Tony Lee