Male Scammers Scamming Men Online

A 23-year-old Singapore man has pleaded guilty to four counts of cheating after he was caught posing as a woman on the internet to cheat unsuspecting suitors out of their hard-earned cash.

Lim Sin Yi entered the plea yesterday. admitting to scamming about $1,300 from lonely men who thought they’d be getting sex in return for the money they sent Lim.

Prosecutors say Lim posted a number of video clips showing a beautiful, naked woman online, offering to provide a “meet-up” with prospective suitors for $500. However, after receiving the money, Lim would make an excuse for not being able to follow through, once even claiming he’d contracted a sexually transmitted disease.

In at least one other case, Lim reportedly gave one of his victims a random address he’d found on Google, presenting that as the place where they would meet, and where sexual services would be provided. The victim finally realized he had been scammed after waiting at the address for nearly an hour, and getting no responses when he tried to contact Lim.

Lim faces up to 12 years in prison when he is sentenced next month.

-Tony Lee