Make Gasoline Go Farther

With gasoline prices at an historic high, tips on how to make every drop count could be very timely. The average price for a gallon of Gas here in Bakersfield is roughly $5.30. That means for a $20 bill, you get less than 4 gallons. Enough to get you to work for 2 or three days before you need another $20 worth.

Experts say you can do a few simple things to help you go two or three more blocks before you run out. The first is keeping your tires properly inflated. Less air in the tires means more rubber ion the ground, and that means more friction and a harder push for your engine… so you get less distance for the gas you have in the tank.

Link your trips together. The more back and forth driving you do, the fewer miles to can go… so make your stops sequential rather than retracing the same ground you travel to get to work, because now you have to go to the store or drop the kids off. Coast up to stop lights, forget about jack rabbit starts when it turns green,  and park and walk into fast food restaurants instead of waiting in line with the engine running.

– Tony Lee, KNZR