Lunar Eclipse Tomorrow

If you miss tomorrow night’s total lunar eclipse, it will be three years before you get to see another one. You will have to either stay up late or get up early because it will be visible here in North American during the pre-dawn hours.

It will be what astronomers call a “blood moon” because of its reddish-orange color, caused by the earth’s sunrise and sunset.

There will be plenty of partial eclipses between tomorrow morning and the next total eclipse on March 14th, 2025.

Tuesday’s event will begin at 2 minutes after midnight here in California. The partial eclipse starts at 1:09am and by 2:17 in the morning you will see the total eclipse which will last until about 3:42 in the morning when the moon moves out of the earth’s shadow and it’s totally over at 10 minutes before 6am.

-Tony Lee