Lifeguard Shortage Leaves Swimmers On Their Own

It’s problem showing up all across the United States as the temperature gets hotter, including here in Kern County.

The dangers of recreating in the Kern River may get worse as some people in our community find it harder and harder to get into safer water to cool off like swimming pools.

The reason is, fewer lifeguards are available. Its a trend showing up all across the country at beaches and pools. Some watering holes have delayed opening even though temperatures are already soaring near 100 degrees because operators say there are not enough people filling the seats in lifeguard classes or at the pools and beaches. Still others have decided to open without them and let people take their chances. Next to the empty lifeguard chair many swimmers are finding a sign reading “No Lifeguard On Duty”.

Communities are not giving up the search, sending out flyers asking for applicants or certified lifeguards. They are also attending job fairs and high schools hoping to generate some interest.

-Tony Lee