Throwing away the eye glasses after getting Lasik eye surgery may be a  wonderful life changing experience for many people, but a new report issued by the Federal Drug Administration says for others, it could be life changing in a very bad way.

It’s still a decision each person has to make on their own and with their physician, but the FDA says it wants people to be able to make informed decisions by releasing this new information in a 25 page report. It lists some o f the potential side effects and suggests people should go over the list with their doctors before they go under the “laser knife’.

Lasik eye surgery involves changing the shape of the cornea, which the report says can result in dry eyes, double vision and persistent eye pain as well as difficulty driving at night. The report also says the operation can ;leave people in need of glasses in spite of the thousands of dollars spent on the process because it can over correct the shape of the cornea.

-Tony Lee