The Kern County Superintendent of Schools announces this year’s Teachers of the Year finalists.

  • Kurt Keckley is a special education teacher at Frontier High School who has devoted his work to closing the achievement gap for students with disabilities and preparing them for success after high school.
  • Kelsea Linnell is a K-8 literacy intervention teacher at Elk Hills School who has coordinated, designed, and implemented a new literacy intervention program from the ground up and taken on the lead role in the effort to shift the climate and culture around reading.
  • Hanna Rahberger is an 8th grade history teacher at Paul L. Cato Middle School who aims to create a learning environment that promotes confidence and freedom of learning for students. Rahberger was also on the KCSOS History Curriculum Team during the Covid-19 pandemic helping design virtual learning lesson plans.

Each finalist is eligible to apply for the California Teacher of the Year program. The Kern County Teacher of the Year Selection Committee will  submit two applications to the California Department of Education to be considered for California Teacher of the Year.

-Jeff Lemucchi

Credit: KGET