House Speaker’s Spouse Attacked

Recreational marijuana will appear on the ballot this November in 5 more states. Both North and South Dakota, along with Arkansas, Missouri and Maryland are considering making it legal to smoke weed, falling in line with 19 other states that have already legalized the drug.

However despite the fact that more than 90% of Americans support the legalization of either medicinal or recreational marijuana usage, the Federal Government seems to maintain its stance of holding it as illegal.

Proponents of legalization say such a move would allow a new tax source for states, free law enforcement for other more serious issues, and make more room in jails for those convicted of more serious crimes.

The argument continues between forces that believe marijuana is a gateway drug that leads users to heavier substances, and those who say it is the addictive personalities of the individual user that opens the door to more illicit drug use.

-Tony Lee