Homeowner Sued For Feeding Ducks

A Texas Homeowner just found out feeding ducks can be a little more expensive than the cost of some bird feed.

For 11 years, Kathleen Rowe has lived in the Lakeland Village Community and fed the waterfowl that also enjoyed the community lake. But yesterday, the Community’s Homeowner’s Association sued her for $250 thousand dollars, claiming she has to pay for causing the foul odors, noise and unsanitary conditions the ducks cause.

Neighbors say they have complained to no avail and asked Rowe to stop encouraging the birds to stay but to no avail. The HOA said it had no other alternative than to file suit against Rowe after it too repeatedly asked her to stop feeding the ducks.

Rowe says she did stop… for three days after she got one of the HOA notices… but that’s when the ducks came to her door begging for food. That’s when she relented.

She said she has put her house up for sale in case she looses the suit and has to pay the fine.


-Tony Lee