German Sheppard disrupts Phoenix freeway traffic, bites state trooper

German Shepherd dog siting on jetty.

A German shepherd snarled traffic as it loped on and off two Phoenix freeways during Tuesday morning’s commute before it was captured by a state trooper who was bit on the hand while grabbing its collar.

The trooper is going to be fine, and the wayward dog was being evaluated at an animal shelter after suffering paw injuries “from running so much,” authorities said.

Troopers used a stun gun and a pole-mounted snare to capture the animal after it rambled in and out of traffic and through local neighborhoods, said Trooper Kameron Lee, a Highway Patrol spokesman.

Lee said dispatchers got calls overnight about the dog being on at least one freeway and that efforts to remove it intensified for more than an hour when it began tying up morning traffic on busy State Routes 51 and 202.

“Our troopers tried everything they could. We did finally get the dog out and he’s going to be all right,” Lee added. “He’s just exhausted.”



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