German Ice Cream Lovers Bugged By New Flavor

Does it ever bug you when you get a craving for some ice cream but you can’t find your favorite flavor? An ice cream parlor in Germany has come up with a way to bug you no matter what flavor they might be out of. They will sell you the bugs, and you can add them to any flavor they have left.

The Thomas Micolino Ice Cream Shop in Rottenburg am Neckar has decided to sell crickets in addition to their ice cream, and you can sprinkle them liberally over any flavor they have.

The company has a reputation for trying eccentric foods like liver sausage or gorgonzola. Shop owner, Micolino, says he likes trying new things to eat and he has had some pretty strange ice cream toppings and the brown crickets are just another tasty idea.

Customers seem to be just as curious. He says they have been taking quite well to the new flavor.

-Tony Lee