The American Automobile Association reports more people have been calling for help because they have run out of gas.

From January through April, 200,000 motorists called reporting that they ran out of gas, AAA said. While gas prices might be a factor, AAA noted that Americans are driving more than they did a year ago.

23ABC reports the agency recommends filling up when the gas tank reaches a quarter tank. Going past that point can cause some costly damage to the fuel pump.

Experts say when gas levels drop, it can lead to the fuel pump taking excessive heat.

Consumer Reports found that going 55 mph instead of 65 mph improved gas mileage by 6-8 miles per gallon. It also found if you have a midsize sedan or a small SUV, bicycles, roof racks, or luggage carriers can decrease your miles per gallon by double digits.

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Posted by Jeff Lemucchi