While gun illegal violence always makes it into the news, little is ever heard about times when guns are used by common citizens to save their own life, or the life of someone else. Today, KNZR’s Tony Lee turns the table and cites the seldom talked about a situation where a gun made the difference between life and death and an 11 year old child.

In fact, it was the 11 year old girl herself who used her fathers weapon to fend off two home invaders and would be rapists.

After hearing a noise and seeing two men trying to break into her home, the young girl ran to an upstairs bedroom, locked herself in, blocked the door with a dresser and called police. When the crooks kicked in her bedroom door and climbed over the dresser, she fired her father’s gun that he had trained her how to shoot, hitting each bandit three times and emptying the gun.

When the police and her parents arrived minutes later they found the girl safe, one crook dead and the other seriously wounded.

-Tony Lee