Energy Drink Users Offered Rebate

If you bought a Celsius Energy Drink and have proof of purchase, the company that made the drink will pay you $250 after it was found to have made false claims about the contents of the beverage.

The energy drink brand was sued for claiming the beverage had no preservatives, but was later tested and found to contain citric acid.

The company says yes, they did include citric acid in the formula but not as a preservative, They said it was there for flavoring only, but decided to give up fighting the suit and offer the cash payout.

But how many people keep receipts for buying things like energy drinks, you may ask? The company says it will take your word for it but they will only pay you $20 in that instance.

The offer includes drinks bought between January 1, 2015 and November 23, 2022. To claim it, go to the Celsius website:

-Tony Lee