An 84-year-old Idaho woman is alive after she drove off a ridge and fell 800 feet into a drainage ditch. And she has a pair of hunters to thank.

The woman’s unidentified saviors were hunting in Idaho Falls on Sunday when they spotted a car in the drainage area, according to the Bonneville County Sheriff’s Office. After looking at the vehicle for several minutes, they came to the startling realization that someone was inside it — and had been since the night before, says Sergeant Bryan Lovell. “She was too frail to get up the steep embankment,” Lovell says.

The hunters called for help, and rescuers were able to get the unidentified woman to safety, sheriff’s officials say. “We commend the hunters, from Wisconsin and Minnesota, who lost a whole day of hunting but provided such a valuable service to this patient and our community,” reads a post on the sheriff’s official website.