E T may be trying to place a long distance call to us rather than trying to phone home. In fact, scientists say he may not have even left home yet because the signals we picked up here on Earth are coming from his home planet in another solar system.

Astronomers searching for magnetic fields have stumbled upon a signal coming from a planet known here as YZ Ceti B, 12 light years from Earth.

The planet was discovered in the constellation Cetus and orbits its sun in two earth days. It is slightly smaller than Earth but is a solid, rocky planet similar to our own.

The magnet waves that have been discovered are considered mandatory for life as we know it here to survive, but scientists say YZ Ceti B is too far from its own sun to be in a habitable zone. While astronomers do not expect to find life on the planet, they do hope to learn how common planets with magnetic fields are in the cosmos. 

The magnetic field is necessary to deflect harmful radiation away from the planet, thereby being one of the factors in allowing Earth-like life to form.

-Tony Lee