Discount Store Employee Held For Shooting Shoplifter

Perhaps it was an overreaction, but perhaps it may also send a message to other shoplifters, and the public in general.

A shoplifter who got into a fight with a store employee was shot and may die after the employee he argued with pulled a gun and shot him.

But it could also be a message to society in how violence is escalating and fan be fatal.

The story unfolded in Phoenix, Arizona where Kevin Madrid allegedly shoplifted items on a regular basis. Last week, when he tried to steal merchandise again at the Family Dollar, a store employee challenged him to stop and leave.

The two argued and the employee was punched in the face. That’s when he pulled a firearm and shot Mardid 10 times.

The shoplifter was taken to the hospital in critical condition. The store employee was taken to jail and charged with attempted murder.

-Tony Lee