Disappointed By New Car Prices? Here’s A Deal!

Five years ago, there were a number of new cars available for less than $20,000. But that was then and this is now.

Today, there’s only one new vehicle that sells for less than 20 G’s: The Mitsubishi Mirage. It’s selling for $19,205, which means with taxes and fees, it’s likely going to cost more than $20,000 anyway, according to data from Cox Automotive. Still, it undercuts other new cars by at least half; the average vehicle price in the U.S. is currently $48,000 – which is 25 percent higher than it was before the pandemic started, the Associated Press reports. What’s more is 32 models are now selling in the United States for more than $100,000 – up from only 12 models in 2018, Cox reveals.

If you’re thinking you’ll get a better deal is you buy used, think again. A used vehicle in the U.S. sells for an average of $29,000 – making it more expensive than a brand new Mirage, data indicates.