Death and Destruction Start The New Year

The New Year is getting off to a tragic start with fatal incidents happening all around the globe… In Vietnam a 10 year old boy searching for scrap metal fell into a 115 foot deep hole yesterday and searchers trying to rescue him say he stopped responding to their calls in spite of the fact that they have started pumping oxygen down the fissure to him.

Emergency crews say the hole the boy fell into is only 10 inches wide.

Meanwhile in North Carolina, three workers have died after a scaffold collapsed, dropping them more than 70 feet to the ground. After falling, the Charlotte Fire Department said they were then hit by the wall that fell from the building with them and crushed to death.

Two other workers may have survived… at last report they were taken to a local hospital but their condition has not been released.

And in Mexico, 14 people are dead  and 13 others are recovering from injuries after a prison break that freed 24 inmates.

That happened Sunday in Chihuahua, Mexico where several gunmen opened fire on prison guards, killing 10 inmates in the process.

Officials say the attack was not staged to free inmates, however several took advantage of the chaos and made their way to freedom.

Four others died in a helicopter mid air collision over Main Beach, Australia. Officials say one of the choppers was landing while the other was taking off. Three people were taken to hospitals and five others suffered only minor injuries.

-Tony Lee