Dell Technologies, the company that may have made the computer you are surfing with right now, is downsizing and laying off 6 thousand 650 employees. While that sounds like a lot of people out of work, it represents only about 5% of the Dell workforce.

Company officials say the reason behind the terminations is simple… too many people, and not enough work. During the Pandemic when so many people were working from home, Dell says there was greater demand for their products. But as the Pandemic subsided and people went back to the office, the demand for new personal computers dropped.

Although Dell layoffs may be the largest, they are not the only reductions in force the personal computer world is seeing. Dell’s competitors for the home computer market, Lenovo and Hewlett Packard say their demand has also dropped sharply and they too will be sending out a lot of pink slips to their people soon.

The same is true of Google, Microsoft, Meta and even Amazon.

-Tony Lee