Clothing Malfunction ID’s Robber

Clothing malfunctions have been in the novelty news since 2004 when entertainer Janet Jackson accidentally exposed a part of her body that is normally kept private during a television program. But in North Carolina earlier this week, a former convenience store employee was identified when her face mask fell off, and former co-workers recognized her.

It was probably the worst ‘clothing malfunction’ she could have imagined, and at the worst possible time for her, but the best possible time for police, who arrested  the suspect, later identified as 25 year old Natasha Otero, at a nearby store where employees say they caught her shoplifting.

Police say she entered the bank, struck an employee on the head with her gun and demanded money. It was during that assault that her mask fell off revealing her identity. Police say she dropped her gun and ran from the store without the money she tried to steal.

-Tony Lee