Child Rape Victim Seeks Abortion

A 10 year old rape victim who became pregnant as a result of the crime was forced to leave her home state to get an abortion.  Some may consider it an unintended consequence of the Supreme Court Ruling making it possible for states to deny abortions no matter what the reason. Others may say a life that had done nothing wrong was saved.

But no matter what one’s opinion is, most people were horrified to learn that a 10 year old girl was viciously raped and impregnated, and now will either have to live with the memory of her attack for the rest of her life, and carry the child for 9 months before giving birth, or endure an abortion.

Her family chose to try lessening that ordeal by leaving her home state of Ohio where abortions are no longer legal, and traveling to Indiana for the procedure.

Indiana will also face a hearing later this month   that may end with abortions being banned there as well.

– Tony Lee