Chase bank tells people to drink coffee at home and gets destroyed on Twitter

Chase learned this the hard way on Monday, when the bank tweeted—and quickly deleted—a fictional exchange between a hard-up account holder and their sentient bank account.

“Why is my balance low,” the fictional human asks. The bank responds with “make coffee at home,” “eat the food that’s already in the fridge” and “you don’t need a cab, it’s only three blocks.” The feckless human replies, “I guess we’ll never know.”

The advice fell flat among Twitter users, who pointed out that Chase didn’t exactly survive the 2008 financial crisis by making its own coffee and eschewing pricey cab rides. Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts pointed out that Chase parent JPMorgan Chase and other big banks received multi-billion bailouts from taxpayers at a time when many Americans lost their jobs or lost their homes to foreclosure.

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