CA News: Dems Begin Debate on Abortion Amendment

California lawmakers have begun formal debate on a constitutional amendment to guarantee the right to an abortion and contraception in the state.

On Tuesday Senate President Pro Tem Toni Atkins (D-San Diego) introduced Senate Constitutional Amendment 10 in response to the United States Supreme Court’s leaked draft opinion that signaled the court may soon overturn abortion and privacy protections in Roe v. Wade.

To get the amendment to voters in November, state Democrats must see the measure passed in the legislature by June 30th. On Tuesday the bill passed 9-1 out of the state Senate Judiciary Committee, with one Republican rejecting and another not voting. It cleared the Senate Committee on Elections and Constitutional Amendments 3-1.

Pro-life groups, including the California Catholic Conference, say the bill is is unnecessary, since California already has some of the most accommodating abortion laws and services in the nation.

The bill is set for a hearing in the Senate Appropriations Committee on Thursday.

Posted by Jeff Lemucchi – Jun 15 07:17