Where are Bakersfield’s most dangerous intersections?  That question has been answered by local law firm Chain | Cohn | Clark whose team analyzed crash data around Bakersfield since 2011.

Among the city’s top ten most dangerous intersections, the most dangerous is Ming Avenue and New Stine Road which has seen 40 crashes since 2011.

Here’s the list:


  1. Ming Avenue and New Stine Road: 40 crashes
  2. Gosford Road and Ming Avenue: 37 crashes
  3. Real Road and Wilson Road: 35 crashes
  4. 34th Street and Q Street: 34 crashes
  5. Brundage Lane and P Street: 34 crashes
  6. H Street and Ming Avenue: 34 crashes
  7. H Street and Planz Road: 33 crashes
  8. Baker Street and Niles Street: 31 crashes
  9. H Street and Wilson Road: 31 crashes
  10. 4th Street and Union Avenue: 30 crashes.

Data was compiled from the Transportation Injury Mapping System, developed by UC Berkeley SafeTREC’s GIS using California’s SWITRS information.

The report includes all crashes involving a motor vehicle including fatal crashes, injury and non-injury crashes and pedestrian, bicycle and motorcycle accidents.

Posted by Jeff Lemucchi