Bakersfield Teacher Boasts About Helping Students Change Gender Identity Without Parents’ Knowledge

A Bakersfield high school teacher has admitted that she helps students change their gender identity without their parents’ knowledge.

The story has been covered by the New York Post and Fox News.

“My job, which is a public service, is to protect kids,” Olivia Garrison told the New York Times about helping students socially transition at school.

“Sometimes, they need protection from their own parents.”

Social transition describes the process in which a person adopts the name and pronouns that align with their gender identity, rather than the gender they were at birth.

Garrison, who is nonbinary, teaches history at Del Oro High School in Bakersfield.

Fox news reports the district Garrison works for, the Kern High School District, is also involved in blocking parents from learning about students’ social transitions. For example, the district has a pronoun change request form that students can fill out without their parents knowledge or involvement, according to its website.

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Critics have argued the reforms could overhaul the definition of gender in schools and be used as a weapon to keep parents in the dark.

Officials with the Kern High School District did not respond to KNZR’s request for comment.

Posted by Jeff Lemucchi