Bakersfield Police Officer Arrested on Petty Theft Charges

A Bakersfield police officer is on paid administrative leave after being charged with petty theft after authorities say he flushed legally-owned marijuana down a toilet.

The Bakersfield Police Department reports Senior Officer Brendan Thebeau was arrested Thursday following an investigation of the incident stemming from a search warrant he and other BPD officers served at a home on Nov. 11, 2021.

Authorities say Thebeau and other officers were conducting a search of a home of a suspect accused of brandishing a firearm at an officer when Thebeau reportedly flushed 2 ounces of legally-owned marijuana down a toilet. BPD claims he did so outside the view of other the officers.

BPD officials say Thebeau’s arrest came after a complaint was filed and an audit of body camera footage was completed.

Posted by Jeff Lemucchi