Bakersfield Man Found Guilty of Murder in “Honor Killing”

A Kern County jury convicted Jagjit Singh, 67, of first degree murder Wednesday after he killed his daughter in law after she allegedly insulted him.

Singh shot Sumandeep Kaur Kooner, 37, three times with a revolver following an argument on August 26, 2019 at the house Singh, his wife, Kooner, her husband and their children shared in the 3200 block of Monache Meadows Drive.

Authorities say Singh tried to counsel Kooner after overhearing a phone call in which she talked about leaving the family.

When police arrived, Singh said he either had to kill himself or Kooner because she dishonored him by threatening to cut off his beard.  Cutting the hair or beard of a Sikh against his will would be considered an act of sacrilege, according to Punjabi cultural experts.

Singh told authorities Kooner also threatened to call police and file a false report saying Singh sexually assaulted her.

Singh faces life in prison.

-Jeff Lemucchi