Do you remember the movie,,,”Around The World In 80 Days”? If that sounds like a great idea, you may have a chance to do it yourself, thanks to a new plan offered by Frontier Airlines.

Frontier is calling it their “Go Wild, all you can fly summer pass.” It will allow travelers to  take as many flights as they want between May 2nd and September30th, which gives you a lot more than just 80 days. Also, unlike the movie where the travelers used hot air balloons and 1920’s vintage cars, you get to fly in a modern jet airliner.

For just $399 per person, you can go anywhere in the world. Domestic flights can be booked in as little as one day, while international destinations  will require booking your seat 10 days in advance.

There are only two caveats, you won’t accumulate travel miles than can be redeemed later, and the summer pass subscription price will automatically re-new at it’s usual $999 price if you don’t cancel it.

-Tony Lee