Argument over “Chevy or Ford” reportedly sparks shooting in Virginia

Big black dual rear wheel diesel truck with lights on at dusk.

A Virginia man was arrested last week after he allegedly shot two people because they seemingly disagreed on a topic: which is better, a Chevy or a Ford?

Mark Turner, 56, was taken into custody on April 23 after the incident, which took place the night before. Turner, his girlfriend, his girlfriend’s son and the son’s girlfriend were eating dinner at a home in Bedford, a city roughly 28 miles east of Roanoke, when the group went out to the front yard.

The man then retrieved a gun from inside the home. When his girlfriend again put herself between Turner and her son, Turner allegedly shot her in the leg five times, and shot her son in the arm.

Two of Turner’s bullets that ricocheted ended up hitting the son’s girlfriend in the back and in her cheek.

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