Animal Shelters Filling Up Nationwide

Animal shelters are filling up because more pets are being abandoned. But at the same time, Animals are being confiscated and rescued from cruel situations, further adding to the population to be cared for and those in need of good homes.

According to Craig Cummings of the Casper Humane Society, people come in with pets to drop off because they can no longer afford to keep them. The ASPCA estimates the cost annually for a dog is about $1,400, and slightly less for a cat, about $1,150.

Meanwhile another 106 pit bulls have been rescued from a dog fighting compound in Georgia where a 55 year old man was arrested and charged with animal cruelty.

Those animals will also be housed in county facilities until new owners can be found to adopt them. Police in Paulding County, Georgia, have charged Vincent Burrell with felony counts of animal cruelty and dog fighting. While some of the dogs have been taken to animal shelters, others were in such poor condition that theory were taken to veterinary hospitals for treatment.

-Tony Lee