Airline Passengers Weigh In Before Boarding Flights

We all probably know how important weight is when it comes to flying… the heavier the object being lifted into the air, the more fuel it takes, and therefore, the more expensive flying can be. But if you are a pilot, or aviation aficionado, you might also know that where that weight is placed in the flying machine is critical to the ability to achieve stable and safe flight.

That appears to be what is behind the airline’s thoughts about weighing passengers.

In New Zealand, starting tomorrow, every passenger is directed to step on a scale before stepping aboard the airplane. This helps the aircrew determine where on the craft is the best place for that passenger to sit, allowing them to balance the load when combined with freight and baggage.

New Zealanders know talking about a person’s weight can be a sensitive subject, however, so they assure passengers that no one can see the weight as it registers on the scale including the officials.

-Tony Lee