A Shorter Work Week May Be Coming

A big experiment is underway in the U.S. and Britain that could change a 108 year tradition of working 40 hours in a 5 day week. 

Henry Ford was the first major employer who scaled back the 48 hour, 6 day week to 5 days and 40 hours, because he said it was better for productivity.  Now, The United Kingdom and 38 companies in the United States are taking the next step by experimenting with a 4 day, 32 hour  work week.

Businesses have already gone through a workshop to figure out the best way to implement the program, which will last for 6 months. The goal is to have workers continue producing 100% of their product in 80% of the time it used to take.

If it works, the normal workweek could become Monday through Thursday with Friday, Saturday and Sunday off in the near future.


– Tony Lee