Diane and Jim Gagnon store their son’s only remaining possessions in a heart-shaped keepsake box.

“It was a ring that he had on his finger and there was two quarters,” Diane said while holding the opened box. “There wasn’t much left because it was all skeleton.”

The mementos are a painful reminder of that day in 1990, when the remains of their son, Jeff Gagnon, 25, were found in the woods off a country road.

The man convicted of his murder was Danny McCluskie, who police say shot Gagnon twice in the back after he discovered Gagnon had been dating his wife. McCluskie is serving a 50-year sentence.

The Gagnons say they hadn’t thought much about their son’s killer since the trial. But thanks to a debate over voting rights for prisoners spurred by Sen. Bernie Sanders, they’re thinking of McCluskie in a new light.

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