A Decade of Shark Attacks in America

Close-Up Of Shark Swimming In Water

How to Avoid Becoming Shark Bait – 


People have always been intrigued by sharks, as they are equally fascinating and terrifying. The media has a feeding frenzy every time a shark is spotted, one of Hollywood’s most iconic movies—Jaws—was based on the ominous species, and the Discovery Channel devotes an entire week each summer to the mysterious undersea creatures.

With the premiere of Shark Week on July 22, SafeWise wanted to dive in and look at the facts and statistics surrounding the history of shark attacks—and calculate the likelihood of encountering a shark while on your beach vacation. While all shark attacks are traumatizing, they do not occur as frequently as you’d think. In fact, humans kill more sharks each year than the reverse. So, sharks shouldn’t worry us as much as they do.

Shark attack reports often make national news or become viral videos when they occur. However, people are rarely involved in an unprovoked shark attack while on their beach vacations. In fact, your risk of being attacked by a shark is 11.5 million to one,2 and you are more likely to encounter one of these situations.3

  • Dying from the flu
  • Being in a car accident
  • Being struck by lightning



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