41 Weird Christmas Gifts That Even Normal People Will Love

Santa Claus with huge bag of presents

41 Weird Christmas Gifts That Even Normal People Will Love

How about an ugly Christmas sweater of Donald Trump yelling “Fake trees”? By David Moye

Shopping for Christmas gifts can be a weird experience. That is, if you do it right.

Anyone can shop for normal gifts, but the true Christmas spirit is in giving items that people hadn’t realized they wanted.

That’s where HuffPost Weird News can help. Once again, we’ve scoured the world for the weird gifts that will shock and delight the people on your gift list.

And yes, some people really do want a phone shaped like a banana. Thanks for asking.


What good is having a bushy beard if you can’t dress it up during the holidays? (It’s a rhetorical question. I can’t actually hear you.) Beardaments are mini ornaments designed to fit on one’s whiskers. Don’t be surprised if your nearsighted friends just think you had a messy meal — until they get up close, of course. For extra sparkle, you can get a version that lights up your face.

Help! A Dinosaur Is Stuck In My Christmas Sweater!

This ugly sweater turns the holiday from Xmas to T. rexmas, a celebration you never knew you needed — until this second. You’re bound to get lots of attention in this sweater, but be careful what you eat, because that dinosaur’s head is likely to get covered in all sorts of food stains by night’s end.

Giant Inflatable Bottle Of Ranch Dressing

Want a lawn display that looks good all year round? Well, while you wait for that one, you can always get this giant inflatable of Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing. Trust me, it will be worth it just to see the expression on people’s faces. Hopefully, one of your neighbors has an inflatable Buffalo wing.



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